Who We Are

abodoo is a visionary company committed to closing the skills gap. Our mission is to empower individuals with the right skills to connect them with opportunities. With a focus on digital education and career development, we’re driving change in the education and employment landscape.

Our Mission & Vision

To map, assess and match the skills journey of 100 million people by giving everyone the opportunity to have skills for meaningful employment. Ensuring we have the future skills to address global skills shortages.

Meet Our Team

Vanessa photo

Vanessa Wainwright


20 years of Skills, Learning and Recruitment Experience. Including one successful exit

AG Headshot (4)

Andy Gent


Founded businesses in both Recruitment and Technology.  Experience in funding and exits


Bryan Bradley


20 years experience as CTO/CIO. Worked across large enterprise, government agencies and start ups 

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Fiona Whelan

Director of Skills and Education

20 years of  marketing within government and higher education 


Kayleigh Mordaunt

Client Operations Manager

Experienced client account manager with experience of managing large accounts with global brands

Our Story

Like all good tech startups, abodoo’s origin was to address a fundamental problem. How could skills software address global skills shortages while ensuring greater inclusivity not just in the office and cities but across regions with the evolution of a new way of working and learning. abodoo works throughout Europe with Governments, Universities and Companies focused on investing, measuring and developing future skills.

Our Values


The bedrock of our software is ensuring our client’s can create a world of greater equality and access to future skills


We live and breath skills and are pushing boundaries on skills technology development to lower learning and workplace attrition.


Helping to evolve society in how we map skills, transforming business, regions and lives and no longer having skills shortages as a problem.


Our belief is that skills data must have tangible impact to ensure great learning investment and ensure future skills.


Join Our Team

We live and work by the philosophy of people’s potential. If you are highly motivated by our mission and believe you have skills that could help us become a world leader we would like to hear from you.